A Faceless Place
Bill Warfield Big Band

Laurel Hill Records 2005

1. Mad Dog 245 8:11
Comp. and arr. Bill Warfield
tenor sax solo-Mike Migliore
2. The Three Marias 5:46
Comp. Wayne Shorter, arr. Bill Warfield 5:46
3. Jazzman 10:17
yrics, Empress Nzingha, comp. and arr. Bill Warfield
Spoken word-Empress Nzingha, trumpet-Bill Warfield-tenor saxophone-Dave Riekenberg
4. Spanish Key 11:00
Comp. Miles Davis, Arr. Bill Warfield
trombone-Tim Sessions, guitar-Vic Juris
5. Variations on a Theme by Frank Poulenc 7:29
Comp. and arr. Bill Warfield
tenor saxophone-Dave Riekenberg, piano-Roberta Piket , drums-Scott Neumann
6. Pharaoh’s Dance 16:57
Comp. Joe Zawinul, arr. Bill Warfield
baritone saxophone-Sam Bortka, trumpet-Bill Warfield, guitar-Vic Juris

Produced by Bill Warfield and Jack Kreisberg

Recorded at Showplace Studios on 7/28, 7/29 and 8/11 2005. Engineered by Ben Elliot.

Bill Warfield
-Leader, trumpet, arranger, Ed Xiques-alto saxophone and flute, Soprano, alto, tenor and Dave Riekenberg-baritone saxophones and flute and Mike Migliore-tenor saxophone and flute, Sam Bortka-baritone saxophone, Trumpets: Jon Owens, Dave Trigg, Joe Mosello, Trombones: Tim Sessions (tenor), Mike Christianson (tenor and bass), Vic Juris-guitar, Russ Spiegel-guitar, Tom Hubbard-bass, Scott Neuman-drums, Joe McCarthy-percussion and Empress Nzingha-spoken word