New York City Jazz
Bill Warfield Big Band

Interplay Records 1990

1. Totem Pole 7:00
Comp. Lee Morgan, arr. Bill Warfield
Bill Warfield-trumpet, Dan Block-alto sax
2. Streetcorner Supermarket 6:51
Comp. and arr. by Bill Warfield
Bob Weller-drums, Rich Perry-tenor saxophone
3. In Your Own Sweet Way 6:301
Comp Dave Brubeck, arr. Bill Warfield
Matt Haviland-trombone, Ted Rosenthal- piano
4. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Comp. Harold Arlen, arr. Bill Warfield
Bill Warfield-trumpet
5. Positively Wall Street 7:05
Comp. and arr. Bill Warfield
Tom Olin-baritone saxophone, Jerry Sokolov-trumpet
6. Scootzie 5:21
Comp. and arr. Bill Warfield
Bob Hanlon-tenor saxophone
7. I Loves You Porgy 7:11
Comp. George Gershwin, arr. Bill Warfield
Andy Fusco-alto saxophone
8. Waltz For A Lonely Woman 4:56
Comp. and arr. Bill Warfield
Ted Rosenthal-piano
9. With A Song In My Heart 6:14
Comp. Richard Rodgers, arr. Bill Warfield
Mike Richmond-bass, Dan Block-clarinet
10. Naima 5:42
Comp. John Coltrane, arr. Bill Warfield

Bill Warfield-trumpet

Bill Warfield
-leader, trumpet, arranger. Reeds: Andy Fusco, Dan Block, Dave Brandom, Rich Perry, Bob Hanlon, and Tom Olin. Trumpets: Earl Gardner, Joe Mosello, Jeff Parke, Jerry Sokolov, Dean Pratt, Jim Powell. Trombones: Matt Haviland, Earl McIntyre, Doug Purviance, Dan Levine. Piano: Ted Rosenthal. Bass: Mike Richmond. Drums: Bob Weller, Percussion: Dan Sadownick

Produced by Mike Abene

Recorded at National Edison Studios, NYC, Feb 28, Mar 1 and 2, 1988. Engineered by Craig Bishop. Mixed at Sorcerer Sound, NYC.